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noun: tramp; plural noun: tramps

A long walk, possibly of more than one day, in a scenic or wilderness area.
“We tramped through the woods for hours before we found the main path again”

synonyms: trek, trudge, slog, hike, march, walk, constitutional, ramble, roam, wander;

TRAMP is a sort of first person wander/walking simulator/art game created by Laura Martorana, Leandro Estrella and Adrián Martínez Puente. Developed during Francisco Martí Ferrer and Moisés Mañas Carbonell’s Interaction and Videogames Workshop at Universitat Politècnica de València.

TRAMP is an unknown space, apparently empty, in which objects and sardines can be discovered;

TRAMP is an audiovisual experience that reflects the creative process and experimentation carried out during the study of the software along with its aesthetic potential;

TRAMP benefits from errors that corrupt the system, adding false glitches, to bring the player’s ride to the limit.

TRAMP is a First person wander/walking simulator
TRAMP is an Art game
TRAMP is a Puzzle

TRAMP does not have a clear objective, it only tries to stimulate the curiosity of the player...

- W A S D or arrow keys to move
- C to crouch
- SPACE to jump
- MOUSE to look around
- or our custom handmade controller

Windows version coming soon

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